“Jessica Hastings is, in all honesty, a complete life saver. Her gentle and inviting spirit along with her warm and powerful (I think maybe magical…) touch gave me one of the best and most soul quenching experiences of my life yesterday. Jessica not only heals your muscle ailments she cares about healing your spiritual and energy ailments too.
I went to Jessica yesterday with a heavy soul and back pain like I have never experienced. She asked me a few questions about different worries in my life (did you know that back pain is linked to money/financial worries?!) and could immediately tell that my emotions and my spirit were damaged. She knew just what to do!
My massage was not just a massage. It was filled with energetic synergy and balancing. There were times when I felt my body purging unnecessary and spirit blocking energies. It was pure enlightenment.
When my treatment was over I felt about 100 pounds lighter. I felt grounded. My body was exhausted but in a completely necessary way. My back felt relieved. My soul felt light. I felt like I could move on.
Jessica, truly, truly, thank you for the brilliant work you do. I can’t thank you enough.”  – Colleen